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Author: Anon Ymous

Proft on Labor

Why would anyone give you a paycheck if they couldn’t profit on your labor? If the account that pays your paycheck isn’t growing, your paycheck isn’t sustainable. So you better hope your employer is profiting. #okmarxist

MMT is a cult

#MMT is a technocratic statist cult. Followers try to trick you from observing its fundamental, violent fraud with well spoken, educated pro-statism propaganda declaring that MMT works because you can go to tax debtors prison if you owe arbitrary taxes only payable in gov paper

Economic Metaphors

I was curious about the metaphors used to describe economics, so I searched for “economy biology metaphor” in google and this first link came up. Look at the machine keywords…: Abstract The aim of this essay1 is to examine and compare the roles of both biological and mechanistic metaphor in economics.2 Pioneers of modern […]

wp cron test

Checking how the wordpress cron situation works. -tfx

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